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We welcome you to our site of OJSC "NPO "State Institute of Applied Optics" −  OJSC "NPO GIPO".

With more than 50 years’ experience in research, development and production of devices relating to optics, optical and optoelectronic instrument-making,  OJSC "NPO "State Institute of Applied Optics " is a leading scientific and production center.


OJSC "NPO GIPO" has acquired the status of a federal scientific and production center.  


Main lines of activity


Research, development and production of:


  • thermal imaging devices of Gen I, II and III
  • optoelectronic locators
  • radiometric equipment  
  • metrological provision of optoelectronic devices of various applications 
  • research and computer simulation of optical characteristics of objects and backgrounds
  • infrared objectives with aspherical and kinoform elements
  • optical coatings of all types
  • aspherical optical elements
  • diffraction optics



12 March 2014
OJSC "NPO GIPO" will accept orders for precision on-axis and off-axis aspherical mirrors made from stainless steel, alloys of aluminum, oxygen-free copper, molybdenum and other metals.
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6 February 2014
Сomputer Generated Hologram Optical Elements (CGHOEs)
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20 January 2011
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