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Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Association "State Institute of Applied Optics"

 NPO GIPO today

Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Association "State Institute of Applied Optics" (OJSC "NPO GIPO") is a scientific and production centre of federal significance which pursues comprehensive basic and applied  research, develops and manufactures modern optoelectronic systems of military and civilian applications.

 OJSC "NPO GIPO" has cutting edge facilities for research and testing, modern production and processing facilities and an appropriate complex of equipment for metrological provision and experienced personnel.

The Association has a license for the development, production and repair of  weapons  and military equipment. 

OJSC "NPO GIPO" consists of scientific divisions and departments which conduct scientific and applied research in: atmospheric optics,    background-and-target situations, vacuum optical coatings,  diffraction, hologram and aspherical optics, calculations of optical systems and special-purpose objectives for UV, visible and IR spectral regions and spectral, photometric and radiometric devices, thermal imaging devices, special-purpose optoelectronic equipment for the Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy, devices for metrological provision of optoelectronic systems. It comprises engineering and design departments and Pilot Production Shops where optical and optoelectronic devices are manufactured.

Manufacturing capabilities of the Association make it possible to carry out a complete cycle of research, development and industrial fabrication of modern  optoelectronic devices and systems of various applications and optical component parts.    

The pilot and experimental production base of "NPO GIPO" comprises Pilot Production Shops (11138 m2),  production sectors of  scientific and manufacturing departments (total area of 12700 m2), as well as a complex of special-purpose engineering subdivisions that design and develop electronics,  develop new technological processes for experimental and pilot production, support and carry out all types of product tests and effect product certification and  standardization. 

More than 200 new technological processes developed at GIPO were implemented in the industry. About 100 developments of the enterprise, optical component parts included, were fielded in army units.

 "NPO GIPO" is the sole supplier of thermal imaging sights for portable  antitank missile systems.

A variety of advanced technology products − thermal imaging sights for PTRK, infrared measuring systems, diffraction optical elements, IR objectives − are available for export.

GIPO scientists and engineers have registered more than 1500 inventions and utility models and published more than 4500 research papers and  50 monographs.

The Association maintains close scientific and technical contacts with more than 200 enterprises, research institutes, higher educational establishments, military units and establishments. It is a fellow of the International Laser Association (LAS), the International Society for Optical Engineers (SPIE) and the Optical Society named after D.S. Rozhdestvenski.

"NPO GIPO" is the winner of the Second "Golden Idea" National Award for "Best co-manufacturer" in the domain of military technological cooperation.

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