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MIRS Ц Multichannel measuring spectral recorder


Multichannel measuring spectral recorder

The device is designed for measuring the spectral lines intensities with subsequent calculation of the mass fraction of chemical elements contained in various objects by emission spectrum analysis.


Main characteristics

Spectral range, nm                                                         220Е500

Signal storage time, s                                                     0.261Е9.0

Number of digital signal summations while
making a single measurement                                           1Е5000

Dynamic range (output signal-to-dark noise ratio)
at signal storage time of 300 ms, not less than                     300

Relative drift of the dynamic range at signal
storage time of 300 ms during 8 h, %, not less than             5

Limit of the permissible relative root-mean-square
deviation of the spectral line intensity at signal
storage time of 300 ms and with the spectral line
intensity being above dynamic half-range, %,
not more than                                                                     3





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