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first page::Optical components and technologies

Diffraction optics


  • hologram optics;
  • ruled and hologram diffraction gratings;
  • narrowband hologram filters;
  • ion-etching technologies;
  • precision computer-aided measurement means

Specialized complex of diffraction optics
with closed technological cycle

Ruled Diffraction Gratings (RDG)


  • Plane gratings
  • Echellettes
  • Concave
  • Echelle
  • Index-grating
  • Scale-gratings
  • Polarizer-gratings
  • Gratings for CO- and CO2-Lasers



Hologram Diffraction Grating (HDG)


  • Reflection
  • - plane
  • - concave
  • Transmission
  • Transmission volume-phase
  • - low dispersion gratings for the visible spectral range
  • - low dispersion gratings for near-IR range
  • - telecommunication gratings



Narrowband Hologram Filters (Notch-Filters) and Selective Mirrors



Computer-Generated Hologram Optical Elements (CGHOEs)

     CGHOEs are designed to control shapes of spherical and toroidal surfaces and virtually all types of aspherical surfaces, used in optical engineering, as well as the main parameters of centered optical systems. The use of CGHOEs can contribute to control with an interferometric accuracy.
     A CGHOE is a high optical grade glass substrate, whereupon annular hologram structures are made. As a rule, a CGHOE comprises a principal hologram and an auxiliary one, the latter being used to control the CGHOE spacing in the optical layout.


                                                                 Basic layouts designed to control optical surfaces


                                                                              1 and 1' point light source and its image,
                                                                                  2 CGHOE as an optical compensator, 3 surface under control,
                                                                                                     4 auxiliary optical element

Holograms are quantity produced products manufactured at OJSC "NPO GIPO". We are able to apply this technology into your industry in a short space of time and train your personnel to use properly hologram elements, as well as we stand ready to exercise authors supervision.
     Engineering solutions, that are applied at OJSC "NPO GIPO" in the context of diffraction and aspherical optics, have been protected by inventors certificates and patents.

                                                         Performance of custom-made CGHOEs


parameter Value 


Maximum clear aperture, mm: 

up to 600  


Groove density, mm-1:

up to 1500


Formation error of
the specified wave surface, λ:

 up to 0.05

Maximum groove density being up to 100 mm-1

Applications: optical industry, electro-optical instrument-making industry, laser technology, telescope-making industry, scientific instruments.

Contact person:
Andrey Nikolayevich Melnikov, Department Head
Tel.: +7 (843) 234-35-73


A Set of Hologram Optical Elements Designed for Demonstration and Educational Purposes

A kits consists of 4 boxes, each containing 6 elements:

  transmission hologram diffraction gratings;

  reflection hologram diffraction gratings;

  hologram optical elements;

  computer-generated hologram optical elements.

Our kits of optical elements are supplied with methodological hints for their use in education.

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