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Optical coatings

Range of applications:

  • Thermal imaging systems,
  • Optical and electronic instruments,
  • Laser technique,
  • Spectral and spectrophotometric equipment,
  • Medical equipment,
  • Instruments for environmental monitoring and research.

Antireflection Coatings for Thermal Imaging Systems

  • Antireflecting of germanium optics
  • Antireflecting of optical ceramics.

Filtering Coatings

  • Narrowband and bandpass filters for UV, visible and near-IR spectral regions
  • Microfilters for the IR spectral region.

Ring Variable Narrowband Filters


Dichroic Heat-reflecting Coatings


Reflecting Coatings

  • Laser mirrors with high beam damage threshold
  • Mirrors with low absorption and scattering losses for laser gyroscopes
  • Phase-controlled mirrors
  • Beamsplitting coatings with the specified R/Т ratios.

All coatings are very robust and can withstand severe environmental conditions, they are stable and reliable in use.

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